Color Portrait of Michael Carpenter, Managing Partner and Head of MPK Packaging, an Industry Subsidiary | MPK Packaging | Boca Raton, USA
Boca Raton, USA



Managing Partner and Head of MPK Packaging, an Industry Subsidiary

Michael Carpenter leads MPK International’s packaging industry consulting business “MPK Packaging Group,” which is headquartered in the U.S.

His background in corporate strategy, management consulting and in-depth knowledge of establishing business relationships on behalf of clients in Russia and its bordering countries, provides MPK and our clients invaluable expertise in the region.

His principal expertise is in the development and global procurement of packaging for retail, manufacturing, and fresh kitchen networks, primarily within the food and consumer goods industries. Michael’s route to joining the MPK International leadership team is somewhat unique in comparison to the rest of the MPK team.

In mid-2019 Mike left his senior executive role at the Kroger Company headquarters in North America to set up his own packaging consulting business. The timing was fortuitous—for both Michael and MPK International.

In early 2020 Michael’s company was evaluating funding options as a way to develop and grow, while—at the same time—MPK International founder and CEO Peter Agnew was looking for ways to accelerate MPK’s presence in the packaging industry due to the strategic value it held for the company.

The Kroger Company was a major client of Mr. Agnew’s in North America for many years, and he already knew Michael very well, so it was an easy decision for him to invest in Michael’s company—and compatible vision—and integrate it into the MPK family.

“Global spend on packaging alone is expected to exceed a trillion dollars a year by 2024. Just think about that for a moment… That is 1,000 billion dollars, and it’s not being spent on a random harmless item, but on something that is transpiring to be one of the single biggest contributors to damaging our environment—and our planet—especially when it comes to plastic packaging.” Michael notes.

“Significant portions of all packaging used in Western economies by Western businesses are being routinely produced and sourced from international suppliers for the purposes of cost reduction, with scant regard for the broader negative impact on our environment.”

“While many companies are proactively working towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging, we must collectively start to take even bolder steps to reverse the damage caused, while enabling our clients to continue leveraging globalization to compete aggressively in today’s dynamic marketplace.”

“I like being at the forefront of disruption in this industry and I intend to blaze an exciting path to reshape how packaging is designed and procured on a global basis. In fact, that is precisely what our existing packaging clients are asking us to do.”

Michael is the author of numerous articles on global business strategies for differentiation or low-cost positions in various packaging categories for FMCG, CPG’s, Retail and the Food & Beverage market.

Prior to establishing his own packaging consulting firm and joining MPK International, Michael worked as a senior global packaging executive for the Kroger Company in North America and held senior roles within Xerox Corporation and GE Healthcare.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Ottawa and an MBA in Strategy and Leadership from Michigan State University.

Based in Cincinnati for the last 20+ years, Michael and his family have very recently relocated to Boca Raton, Florida to begin a new chapter in both his professional and personal lives.