MPKI CEO, Peter Agnew
Dublin, Ireland



Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Peter Agnew is the Founder and Chairman of MPK International. A trusted advisor over many years to CEOs, Boards and Senior Executives looking for guidance to build or improve their international business relationships and supply chains.

Peter has worked with leading firms in the automotive, retail, consumer goods, packaging and technology sectors in all corners of the world and in 2019 took the decision to build the framework for what would become MPK International.

Peter developed the concept for MPK International with one clear vision in mind—to advise and facilitate in a practical, sustainable and ethical manner how large and mid-sized organizations should approach and successfully implement plans to leverage the benefits of globalization.

“After 25 years working on developing international business solutions and projects across a variety of industries, I was determined to fix what I thought was a major disconnect between what the large consulting firms are offering in terms of advice and support versus what the vast majority of the SME / SMB community really needs to successfully and ethically harness globalization” Peter notes.

“We have our Global headquarters in the Republic of Ireland, but our firm’s offices and leaders today are spread across the globe. We’re a small consulting firm in the context of many of the big traditional consulting firms out there, but we are truly global and agile, and we are really good at what we do. Our size, combined with our collective experience in what we focus on is a real differentiator and what makes us a perfect fit not only for large multi-nationals, but also for the SME/SMB community who require help to take advantage of globalization.”

Prior to founding MPK, Peter was founder & CEO of a Venture Capital and Accenture Consulting backed technology company in the early 2000s and then Lead investor, President & CEO with the American Consulting firm Infinite Sum, where he was responsible for the firm’s global operations and expansion into more than 20 countries throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia prior to their acquisition by a larger firm.

The foundation for his long-standing interest in the benefits of globalization began at the very start of his career with Alcoa. It was in the early nineties—immediately after the breakup of the Soviet Union and (Soviet) Eastern Europe—and they were expanding throughout Western Europe.

This enabled Peter, as a rookie graduate, to immediately work across multiple European countries, and quickly learn what was really required to deliver long-term sustainable success: the need to respect and understand individual and diverse cultures and business nuances unique to every single country, before jumping into the A – Z of traditional business and project management 101.

Peter studied Polymer Engineering at Sligo Institute of Technology, Ireland in addition to Polymer Science at Trowbridge College, England.