Capability Development

Assess and Develop your in-house Management Competencies relative to delivering global trade strategies

Give Your Teams the Right Skills to Succeed

Success at designing, implementing and managing your global trade and supporting supply chains requires exceptional teams with exceptional skills. Teams with the right competencies perform better and drive the execution of your overall global strategy.

We help assess your team’s readiness, give them the necessary skills, and hardwire performance improvement into your corporate culture.

Capability is the Foundation of Success

If the results of your strategy are going to have a lasting impact, your team has to know how to deliver and sustain them. Therefore, training and capability-building needs to start on day one.

How We Can Help Your Business

Developing the right strategies for your business can be an incredible source of value creation, but it takes hard work and commitment. You may need to make fundamental changes to your business and skills to translate your strategy into reality.

Our experts have decades of collective experience helping businesses build capability throughout their organization. We work closely with c-level executives, managers, supervisors and front-line personnel to build their skills in the areas that drive successful development and management of global trade and supply chain initiatives.

We can help:


  • Assess your in-house capabilities to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses;
  • Identify which capabilities have the greatest potential to boost your performance;
  • Track and measure employee performance for ongoing development;
  • Design and implement training programs anywhere in the world; and
  • Coach employees and managers on the job to keep them aligned with your strategy.

Building competency means more than just training. Our unique collaborative approach means we work together with your teams to help them grow, and help your company succeed.

Managing Partner

Jeff Coatze—Johannesburg, South Africa

“In turbulent times, company leadership relies on respect, listening, and the courage to make decisions. At MPK, we pride ourselves on enabling our clients’ executives to operate effectively with these key assets.”

MPKi helps companies build resilient supply and trade networks to help grow their businesses. Trust us to help you develop your teams, giving them the skills they need to succeed.