Capability Outsourcing

Access Resources, Expertise, and Cost Savings through Global Strategic Partnerships

Find Your Best Match

Outsourcing can give you access to vital expertise and resources—and it can save you money. Success at outsourcing is a different story.

You need to know what to outsource, and how to find a partner you can work with. We help by identifying where outsourcing works best for your business and finding a partner who is the best fit.

Best in Class, or Best for You?

Outsourcing requires the same level of thought and analysis as any make-or-buy decision.

The reasons for outsourcing are different from company to company but one thing stays the same—the best outsourcer is the one who’s the best fit for your business.

How We Can Help Your Business

For most companies, there are three basic needs that can be met through outsourcing: access to expertise, savings on labor and availability of localized resources. Outsourcing can ensure that you can access the resources, processes and functions you need to deliver your global projects or overall program.

Through outsourcing of activities like international procurement offices, supplier selection, contract negotiation, supplier management, or specification management, you can gain a significant competitive advantage.

We can help you:


  • Analyze and decide which internal functions can be outsourced
  • Identify areas where outsourcing may add capability or capacity to your business
  • Outsource strategic sourcing and procurement activities
  • Identify and introduce you to your best fit service providers around the world
  • Manage the transition and implementation of new service providers

Our team has decades of experience helping clients partner with the best service providers around the world. We can show you how outsourcing can benefit you and how to implement and manage a successful outsourcing relationship.

Managing Partner

Mike Carpenter—Cincinnati, USA

“The current global disruptions will give the sourcing and procurement functions significant opportunities to position themselves as value creators. This will change their supply chain models towards more sustainability, flexibility, and risk mitigation.”

MPKi helps companies build resilient supply and trade networks to grow their business. Let us help you build and develop strong and productive outsourcing relationships.