Global Trade Forms the Backbone of the Worlds Economies, Spurring Investment, Job Creation and Economic Growth

Focused Insights

Supply Chain Risk in 2023

Over the past few years, the world has faced a massive upheaval. The covid-19 pandemic, trade disputes, tariffs and civil unrest are disrupting every aspect of life, everywhere on the globe. Global supply chains have been profoundly affected by rising shipping costs, travel bans, quarantine requirements, lock-downs, and emergency measures, as governments struggle to regain stability and restart economies… and it is not ending anytime soon.

Collaboration without Complexity

MPK International (MPKi) is a global advisory firm that helps organizations engage in international trade, with a particular emphasis on emerging countries. We work with clients to design, implement, and manage global business and trade strategies so they can build resilient international supply chains, manage risk, reduce costs and grow their business.

Our leadership team has decades of experience helping hundreds of companies face and overcome global business and supply chain challenges. We like to keep things simple and clear, so here’s what you can expect from us:

We Deliver Tangible Results

You expect real results. We develop customized strategies and executable roadmaps that deliver, and measure the success of our projects.

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

We only succeed when you do, so we are prepared to align our financial incentives with your outcomes.

We’re Candid About Outcomes

You want straight answers. We predict, measure, and manage opportunities and risks to give you a realistic picture of what’s achievable.

We Create a Flexible Roadmap

The business environment can change fast. We ensure that strategies and plans are dynamic so you can quickly adapt and stay on target.

How We Work

We focus on strategy and planning across each of your businesses and departments to deliver the increased agility, resilience and flexibility you need to achieve your global supply chain and business goals. We can address any aspect of global supply and business, including:

Locating, matching and integrating global manufacturing suppliers and distributors

Facilitating access to service partners and local business support

Providing administrative and legal support to establish a foreign presence

Supporting factory and business acquisitions and greenfield operations

Each of our solutions are built on four pillars. These pillars underpin our collaborative approach with clients—by drawing from our combined skills and experience we guide and support you on your journey.

The Four Pillars of Our Services

Strategy & Planning

Develop global trade and supply chain strategies that drive competitive advantage and add value. We bring years of experience, a global team of experts, and a solid strategic methodology to the table.

Program Delivery

Combine deep strategic analysis and structured project management to manage complexity and deliver results—on time and on budget. We maintain open communications and set clear roles and responsibilities to ensure project goals are met.

Coach and train teams to develop their global supply chain and trade capabilities. We help you assess your teams’ readiness, gain the competencies you need and “hard-wire” performance improvement into your corporate culture.

Strategy & Planning

Access deep expertise and labor savings through capability outsourcing. We help you identify areas to be outsourced and find the best match service providers for you.

Where does this go?

Global trade is edging closer to a state of crisis as tariff wars, protectionist policies and regulatory uncertainty disrupt established business models and trade relationships. Organizations are struggling to respond due to a reliance on manual processes, unreliable data, and siloed decision-making.

The resulting inefficiencies were challenging when the trade environment was stable. But in our increasingly volatile times with COVID-19, Brexit, US-China trade tensions, and Russia-NATO tensions over Ukraine, the stakes are far higher.

Now should be a breakthrough era for international trade, as technological advances are making new forms of business possible, built on a foundation of data and insight. MPKi professionals can help you build an integrated approach by:

  • Shaping responses to changing global tariffs and trading relationships
  • Reducing cost, risk and delays from your trade network
  • Driving better insights through data
  • Reimagining your supply chain operating model
  • Leveraging technologies
Chief Executive Officer

Peter Agnew

We are the ideal future advisory partner for our clients. As businesses embrace new global strategies to achieve competitive advantage, they require a partner that provides the expertise, flexibility, agility and global reach to guide and support their journey. A partner that reduces complexity, understands global markets, and offers realistic solutions. That partner is MPKi

Is it time to take a fresh look at your global trade relationships and related strategies ?