Leadership Team

These are the members of our Leadership Team

Everyone listed here has a unique role to play in the development and success of MPK International and its clients; and each and every one of them brings their passion and extensive global expertise to us and—more importantly—to you, our clients.

B/W Headshot: Peter Agnew | Chief Executive Officer | Dublin, Ireland

Peter Agnew

Chief Executive Officer

Katherine Finnegan

Chief Financial Officer

B/W Headshot: Herbert Reutter | Chief Operating Officer | MPK International, Hamburg, Germany

Herbert Reutter

Chief Operating Officer

Aoife Kearns

Chief Human Resources Officer

Simon Clarke

Chief Projects Officer

Mike Carpenter

Managing Partner

Heidi Bauslicher

Managing Partner, Germany

Madhur Yadav

Managing Partner, India

B/W Headshot of Jack Yao, Managing Partner, China

Jack Yao

Managing Partner, China

Tha Nguyen

Managing Partner, Vietnam

B/W headshot of Jeff Coatze, Managing Partner • MPK International • Johannesburg, South Africa

Jeff Coatze

Managing Partner, South Africa

Ede Byatt

Managing Partner, Middle East

Sophie Ma

Director of Projects &
Head of PMO, Asia

Nigina Umarova


Alex Smayda