Krittapak Chuaymeuang

Seshadri Nagarajan

Sophie (Yan) Ma

Color Portrait of Ede Byatt, Managing Partner and Head of Middle East and North Africa | MPK International | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ede Byatt

Color Portrait of Jeff Coatze, Managing Partner and Head of South and Central Africa | MPK International | Johannesburg, South Africa

Jeff Coatze

Color Portrait of Michael Carpenter, Managing Partner and Head of MPK Packaging, an Industry Subsidiary | MPK Packaging | Boca Raton, USA

Michael Carpenter

Color Portrait of Jack Yao, Managing Partner, China | MPK International | Shanghai, China

Jack Yao

Heidi Bauslicher

Color Portrait of Simon Clarke, Chief Projects Officer and Head of UK and Ireland | MPK International | Dublin, Ireland

Simon Clarke

Color Portrait of Aoife Kearns, Chief Human Resources Officer | MPK International | Dublin, Ireland

Aoife Kearns