Strategy and Planning

Plan for Change, Navigate through Disruption and Deliver Long-Term Success

Create a Clear, Practical and Executable Strategy

Globalization presents unparalleled business opportunities, but disruption looms large. You need a roadmap that is clear, fit-for-purpose and executable right now.

We combine strong industry experience, skill and global reach to create strategies you can execute on day one, and which deliver results year after year.

Strategies That Stand the Test of Time

Successful global strategies are, by definition, sustainable strategies. We work with clients to blueprint a global trade and supply chain strategy that achieves current objectives and sustains success in the long run.

A sustainable strategy lets your business quickly respond and adapt to change, withstand disruption and keep your efforts focused on your long-term goals.

How We Can Help

You need a plan to maximize the potential of your global supply chain network. Your people, partners, process, technology and assets must work seamlessly to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations for you to win in the marketplace. We excel at creating strategies that solve your challenges and deliver results.

Our teams bring a combination of strong industry and category experience, broad-based knowledge and skills, and global capability and reach to the table.

We can help:


  • Align your strategy with your own and customer values to add a new dimension to the overall global supply chain—one that drives greater levels of service and profitability
  • Grow your global supply footprint to support your business today and enable growth in the future
  • Redesign your global supply chain and related processes to ensure effective implementation of new strategies
  • Identify, integrate and work with suppliers and partners to develop critical beneficial relationships
  • Use real time data analysis to evaluate your strategy against pre-defined KPIs and relevant benchmarks

The ability to be flexible and adapt to changing global dynamics is critical. Our approach is simple—we assemble your business goals and then work with you to develop the strategies that drive superior competitive advantage and deliver success to your business.

Chief Operating Officer

Herbert Reutter—Hamburg, Germany

“After the immediate dust settles on Covid-19, a major challenge for industry will be rethinking its entire supply chain strategy to face a changing world.”

MPKi helps companies build resilient supply and trade networks to grow their business. Work with us to build executable, sustainable strategies that deliver long-term success.