Project Delivery

We Manage Your Complex Projects and Deliver Results on Time

Take a Structured Approach

You need your global projects and programs to run smoothly and efficiently—and deliver what they promise. Deep strategic analysis and structured management are the keys to achieving your goals.

Our team has the experience and skill to keep projects on track and on target.

Delivering What We Promise

MPKi’s ability to combine analysis and advice with exceptional program management capability means we can set the right strategy, execute the right plan, and get the right results.

For our clients, that means real, sustainable value, and no surprises.

How We Can Help Your Business

Your business depends on the ability of your global supply chain projects/programs to deliver results. You need a solution that is unique to your needs.

We blend portfolio and program service skills, with industry insight, to deliver the unique solution that works for your business.

This ensures your project scheduling, financial, and quality objectives are met, and your global supply chain program will provide the outcomes you want.

We can help:


  • Manage complex program governance and decision making to simplify and streamline processes
  • Address your program delivery requirements across business units and geographies
  • Scale your solutions and workforce to increase capacity and address disruptions and challenges
  • Integrate, operate, and manage new suppliers and partners
  • Reduce and manage project management costs

Working together, we’ll help you make better decisions, raise confidence, solve challenges, and achieve real, lasting results.

Chief Projects Officer

Simon Clarke—Dublin, Ireland

“Consulting is not about impressing clients with bamboozling written reports. It’s about having an impact, facilitating implementation, and driving tangible results for our clients.”

MPKi helps companies build resilient global supply networks to grow their business and enhance their profits. Work with us to get real, measurable results from your global supply projects and programs.